3D: Deter – 21/15/9

I received a weightlifting rep plan from an app called Sugar WOD. The suggestion is simple and popular. It is referred to as 21/15/9. Choose a weightlifting exercise (e.g., bench press, lunges, curls). Do a set of 21, followed by a set of 15, and finish with a set of 9. Only you know the weight and intensity for your body. Always consult a healthcare professional and follow safety guidelines.

I have had fun with these sets. They are efficient. I see results with comfortable effort. The 21/15/9 plan is great for a busy schedule. Highly recommended!

Published by Sehtm

Sehtm is the blogger and podcaster dedicated to suggestions that will help people in this uncertain world. Taking some survival tips, Sehtm elaborated on pearls of wisdom to create the concepts put simply as 3Ds: Delight, Delve, Deter. Sehtm has broad experiences as a political staffer and educator. Sehtm currently holds an M.S. specializing in education.

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