3D: Deter – Keep Safe

I came across this in a self-defense book by Phil Pierce

I am passionate about self-defense. I like watching all kinds of martial arts and combat sports. Maybe you do too.

I have never heard of ethical preemptive strikes. Pause and reflect on the four, numbered items in this image.

Can you apply this to your life? Surroundings? Are there nonviolent preemptive actions you can use in work or whatever conflicts concern you?

Published by Sehtm

Sehtm is the blogger and podcaster dedicated to suggestions that will help people in this uncertain world. Taking some survival tips, Sehtm elaborated on pearls of wisdom to create the concepts put simply as 3Ds: Delight, Delve, Deter. Sehtm has broad experiences as a political staffer and educator. Sehtm currently holds an M.S. specializing in education.

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