3D: Delight – Protecting Women

This post was inspired by some of John and Stasi Eldredge’s writing from the Wild At Heart app. The theme is Satan attacks women for special reasons – certainly worth the read. The Eldredges write about this often. Satan went to Eve before Adam because she was the life giver. I think women’s influence over men’s thinking had something to do with tempting Eve first.

If this is the case, that Satan has specific attacks for women, and I believe it is correct to work with this idea, then men should be prayer warriors over women. There are things men can pray over women to protect their individual identity, and there are prayers men can do for women’s roles in society.

I see a big need for this collectively as women have been pushed off kilter with decades of abortion propaganda, “hook up” dating norms, and party politics. Take a moment and pray for a specific woman in your life.

Application for fathers: take your kids and pray over their Mother – even if you are estranged.

Published by Sehtm

Sehtm is the blogger and podcaster dedicated to suggestions that will help people in this uncertain world. Taking some survival tips, Sehtm elaborated on pearls of wisdom to create the concepts put simply as 3Ds: Delight, Delve, Deter. Sehtm has broad experiences as a political staffer and educator. Sehtm currently holds an M.S. specializing in education.

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