3D: Delve – Faneuil Hall

The closest I have felt God’s Hand was in Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA – “The Cradle of Liberty.” Sitting in the heart of Boston, Faneuil Hall was a gift from Peter Faneuil who inherited wealth from his uncle. It served as a meeting place for clergy and civil leaders for the next few decades. Famous speakers include John Adams, Samuel Adams, and Fredrick Douglass.

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Our American freedoms built on God’s law and the laws of nature were debated during Revolutionary times in Faneuil Hall. Free speech reigned free as men discussed the famous “taxation without representation” cry before the war in the 1770s.

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Later, Fredrick Douglass and abolitionists made the case to end slavery. If all men were created equal, why did we have involuntary servitude? The question haunted America through the 19th Century.

My friend and I walked through the main hall in December of 2016. I had never walked into so much radiance. Like being in the Holy of Holies, it felt like God’s handprint was still there having first been touched in the 1770s. It feels like you can speak an idea of freedom there and the words carry to the rest of the nation.

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Here is a good article about Faneuil Hall for your viewing.

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