3D: Delve – Stop Human/Monkey Hybrid Embryos

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, Chinese and American researchers have developed embryos that have human genes spliced with macaque monkey embryos. We are talking mad science. Researchers claim this is to work towards being able to grow organs for transplant. Evil has found emotional appeals effectual in today’s world.

This is another assault on human value. The conscience has been seared by decades of abortion propaganda on embryos being “just a clump of cells.” People can rationalize harvesting human cells with a monkey.

One of the researchers can be reached at belmonte@salk.edu if you can be so brave as to fight for something. Let him know research with the Chinese Communist Party has not lead to anything good. I mean, we are talking about a country who was doing gain of function research on spike proteins with a bat virus. How did that work for the world? Asking for a friend.

Published by Sehtm

Sehtm is the blogger and podcaster dedicated to suggestions that will help people in this uncertain world. Taking some survival tips, Sehtm elaborated on pearls of wisdom to create the concepts put simply as 3Ds: Delight, Delve, Deter. Sehtm has broad experiences as a political staffer and educator. Sehtm currently holds an M.S. specializing in education.

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