3D: Delight – Protecting Women

This post was inspired by some of John and Stasi Eldredge’s writing from the Wild At Heart app. The theme is Satan attacks women for special reasons – certainly worth the read. The Eldredges write about this often. Satan went to Eve before Adam because she was the life giver. I think women’s influence overContinue reading “3D: Delight – Protecting Women”

3D: Delve – Viral Gain of Function

This is a fantastic article. The empirical evidence is well organized. Some may accuse it of being conspiratorial, but you cannot get past the documentation – both primary and secondary sources. If anything, the organization is directed by esteemed scientists from Ivy League schools, and, Meryl Nass, MD who is a wonderful physician contributor forContinue reading “3D: Delve – Viral Gain of Function”

3D: Delve – Delve So Hard Your Brain is Tired

A good synonym for delve is research. Have you ever thought, “I want to look into that, but my brain is so tired?” Have you read so much you need a break? Good! That’s working your God-given organ, the brain. Do it! Work your mind with information to the point of being tired. Application forContinue reading “3D: Delve – Delve So Hard Your Brain is Tired”

3D: Deter – Core

Disclaimer: this post is my experience. Seek advice from a professional in medicine and sports science. Also, I am eating leftover chicken alfredo as I write so I acknowledge the hypocrisy of a post about core strength right now. (That’s a joke, of sorts.) Some recent manual labor has thrown my back out of sorts.Continue reading “3D: Deter – Core”

3D: Delight – Stand for Something

The world is going crazy. We are seeing the consequences of turning away from God in our psyche. Compound this by 100 years of radical activism, and it explains why we cannot accept basic biological facts without being punished – by imprisonment in some countries. Recently, I have been blessed by getting to know newContinue reading “3D: Delight – Stand for Something”

3D: Deter – Spacing & Leg Strength

Deterring a bad person is an important skill. I have been studying some of the best disciplines and persons that keep safe distances in combat situations. Kamaru Usman is a master at spacing his opponent. Watch video of him in UFC fights and you will see what I mean. This judo video does a greatContinue reading “3D: Deter – Spacing & Leg Strength”