3D: Delve – Stop Human/Monkey Hybrid Embryos

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, Chinese and American researchers have developed embryos that have human genes spliced with macaque monkey embryos. We are talking mad science. Researchers claim this is to work towards being able to grow organs for transplant. Evil has found emotional appeals effectual in today’s world. This is another assault onContinue reading “3D: Delve – Stop Human/Monkey Hybrid Embryos”

3D: Delve – Research History

One question has become a bit of a hobby for me: how did small island nations, Britain and Japan, become big empires? Think of the efficiency it takes to be people on little sea lands who can conquer continents. What was so special about them? I have spent hours reading the history of the twoContinue reading “3D: Delve – Research History”