3D: Delight – Be Happy for Others

I’ll admit it; I was getting jealous watching all these other great bloggers and podcasters grow in numbers. I have finally been able to see other’s WordPress blogs and they have 61 likes! People that can afford Lexus SUVs make me a little envious. Watching skiing, snowboarding , and surfing videos made me wish IContinue reading “3D: Delight – Be Happy for Others”

3D: Delve – HR 1

I am not going to make this blog about politics. This blog is about surviving politics. Honestly, after the 2020 elections, I saw the need for this blog so, to that extent, politics created this blog. I am going to ask Americans to delve into a bill about elections that passed the U.S. House ofContinue reading “3D: Delve – HR 1”

3D: Delight – Logic and Facts

Read Psalm 78:2-7 and Genesis 1-3. Thomas Sowell once said something to the extent we have raised people to feel their opinions matter, but we have not told them their opinions must have logic and facts. You are probably wondering what that has to do with the suggested scriptures. What does teaching children God’s worksContinue reading “3D: Delight – Logic and Facts”