3D: Deter – Jaguar’s Paw

I have referenced a self-defense book in the past and one idea that I really enjoyed is using your keys as a weapon. You want to grab your keys and scratch an opponent much like a jaguar’s paw across his face. You hold them firm enough in your hand so you can slash at yourContinue reading “3D: Deter – Jaguar’s Paw”

3D: Delve – Stop Human/Monkey Hybrid Embryos

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, Chinese and American researchers have developed embryos that have human genes spliced with macaque monkey embryos. We are talking mad science. Researchers claim this is to work towards being able to grow organs for transplant. Evil has found emotional appeals effectual in today’s world. This is another assault onContinue reading “3D: Delve – Stop Human/Monkey Hybrid Embryos”

3D: Deter – Simple Fist to Gut While You Cover

I have had a lifelong love for martial arts but surgery has kept me from going any further. This is why I am grateful to have found self-defense. I describe self-defense as practical use of martial arts/combat sport techniques in street scenarios. The downside to martial arts is the moves require frontal lobe activity inContinue reading “3D: Deter – Simple Fist to Gut While You Cover”

3D: Delve – Viral Gain of Function

This is a fantastic article. The empirical evidence is well organized. Some may accuse it of being conspiratorial, but you cannot get past the documentation – both primary and secondary sources. If anything, the organization is directed by esteemed scientists from Ivy League schools, and, Meryl Nass, MD who is a wonderful physician contributor forContinue reading “3D: Delve – Viral Gain of Function”

3D: Deter – Core

Disclaimer: this post is my experience. Seek advice from a professional in medicine and sports science. Also, I am eating leftover chicken alfredo as I write so I acknowledge the hypocrisy of a post about core strength right now. (That’s a joke, of sorts.) Some recent manual labor has thrown my back out of sorts.Continue reading “3D: Deter – Core”