3D: Deter – Simple Fist to Gut While You Cover

I have had a lifelong love for martial arts but surgery has kept me from going any further. This is why I am grateful to have found self-defense. I describe self-defense as practical use of martial arts/combat sport techniques in street scenarios. The downside to martial arts is the moves require frontal lobe activity inContinue reading “3D: Deter – Simple Fist to Gut While You Cover”

3D: Deter – Core

Disclaimer: this post is my experience. Seek advice from a professional in medicine and sports science. Also, I am eating leftover chicken alfredo as I write so I acknowledge the hypocrisy of a post about core strength right now. (That’s a joke, of sorts.) Some recent manual labor has thrown my back out of sorts.Continue reading “3D: Deter – Core”

3D: Deter – Spacing & Leg Strength

Deterring a bad person is an important skill. I have been studying some of the best disciplines and persons that keep safe distances in combat situations. Kamaru Usman is a master at spacing his opponent. Watch video of him in UFC fights and you will see what I mean. This judo video does a greatContinue reading “3D: Deter – Spacing & Leg Strength”

3D: Deter – Rest

Do you realize athletes need rest? How many people relax with the same concerted effort as when they run, lift, or swim? I believe taking time off training helps the body heal the little inflammations arising from exercise. One suggestion when going through a rest cycle: look at yourself and commend yourself for all ofContinue reading “3D: Deter – Rest”

3D: Delve – Tom Molineaux

I do enjoy stories of figures from monumental times. This man, Tom Molineaux, does not disappoint when you read about him. It is a fascinating tidbit that few people ever hear about. He went from slave to global celebrity in the art of bare knuckle boxing. Mentalfloss does a very good job summarizing Molineaux’s story.